General chat rules

  1. Breaking rules will result in punishments. See Punishment Guidelines for more info.
  2. Listen to staff. If someone says Stop then Stop.
  3. Respect each other. Example if they ask you to change the subject PLEASE do so.
  4. Chat is usually kept PG13. Please keep role playing to PMs or party chats.
  5. No advertising. No Youtube/minecraft servers/discords. Period. This will result in a tempban or permaban and chat clear.
  6. Name calling/Bullying/Harassment/abuse/hate speech/discriminatory speech will NOT be tolerated. Do NOT use the “n” word. This is a PERMABAN. Aimed at someone or not. Circumventing/misspelling/naming items will result in PermaBan. Usage of slurs or speaking in a racist way will get you banned.
  7. Chat may be cleared if the above rule is broken.
  8. Light swearing is allowed but do not aim it at other people.
  9. Don’t Spam. Use the “LESS than 5” rule on caps + repeating characters. Staff will verball warn you then move to a /warn or /tempmute if needed. If you are not listening to verbal warnings, or have a previous history of being told/warnings, staff might move directly to a short tempmute or tempban depending on what you are doing.
  10. Spamming also includes PARTICIPATING or clearly trying to initiate spam. Exception is ‘f’ for deaths and ‘gg’.
  11. Please do not intentionally give players false/fake information. “Alt + f4” is not how to craft anything.
  12. Please do not /ignore staff or trusted players as you will not see their verbal warnings and may end up being /warned for chat rule violations.
  13. No talk of Suicide, in game or discord, this makes everyone uncomfortable. Please contact a suicide hotline if you feel you need help.
  14. If you are MUTED in game please do NOT talk in discord global chat channel. This is mute evasion and you will have your discord perms removed.
  15. If you have someone /ignored please don’t go on the discord to talk to them through the global chat channel.
  16. If you have issues with another player please contact staff. Do NOT contact the other player OUTSIDE of minecraft. Please come to staff to help resolve the issue. Harassment OUTSIDE of game and INSIDE of game are taken very seriously.
  17. Even as a joke please do not talk about demoting staff, if you have a complaint please take it to the discord or the forums. Arguing in game against a staff member will only escalate your punishment faster.
  18. Please avoid naming items, tools or weapons anything that would violate the general chat rules. We may ask you to rename the item if we feel it doesn’t comply with the rules.
  19. English only in main chat please. Use party chat or pms for other languages.

General Rules

Common Sense

  1. We do not allow duping. Of any kind.
  2. Listen to staff. Rules are a guideline. Staff enforce the rules. A nice staff member may forgive your spam, don’t expect the next one ( or even the same one ) to forgive you next time.
  3. Report glitches you find to staff. Do not ABUSE them.
  4. Report issues to STAFF. Do NOT take matters into your own hands to resolve grief etc.

Alt Accounts

  1. Do not use more than 2 accounts on the server. More than 2 will get you and the other accounts banned. If you avoid this ban you will be permabanned.
  2. Free accounts - please understand that these are technically against Mojangs rules. If you are on a free account you might lose access to that account. This is not OUR fault or problem. There is nothing we can do to help you. We will not give you items from that account. We will not be able to give you access to cshops from the other accounts etc. This is also for your protection as we cannot be certain who the account really belongs to. Please do yourself a favor and get a legitimate Minecraft account.
  3. If your main account is banned and you use an alt this is called ban evasion. Your temp ban will now be permaban.


  1. If you are inactive for 30 days or more people may request that your residence or other property be removed.
  2. Your land and items may be rolled back or given away at this point. This is more likely to happen on pieces of land that are nearly barren/empty.
  3. This is up to staff discretion but only Admin and above can change/remove/alter the actual residence.
  4. Extended AFKing ( as determined by staff ) will result in a kick. Repeat offenders will receive a warning and escalation from there. NOTE this is not “AFK at grinders” this is just afk in lobby or other places. See survival rules for more info on other afk offenses.


  1. Any use of the above that gives you an advantage over others is not allowed. If you have questions about particular ones please ask before using them.
  2. NO XRAY.


  1. Staff follow a guidelines their judgement “if you are spamming” is on a case by case scenario but all follow the same general guide, they will inform you/act accordingly. Doesn’t matter their rank.
  2. Do not ASK FOR STAFF. If you would like a staff position please check our forums and put in an application. The requirements for staff are that you need to be at least 16 years of age and have played on the server for at least two weeks. However, the longer you play, the more you become a helpful player, the more you know our community the better your chances are. Exceptions may be made to this but it’s on a case by case situation.
  3. The owner is a very busy person. If you have a question please ask another staff member if they are available. As cool as your house or build might be the owner is likely working hard to fix server issues.
  4. Please contact the Manager ( LadyAnime ) if you need help finding the right staff member to talk to or if you think you really do need the owner. Another way to contact staff for emergencies is to do /discord and tell us about the issue in our #support channel.
  5. Good idea or suggestions? Please contact the Manager or submit it to our forums.
  6. While staff is here to help, we are not certified counselors, if you need help with an IRL problem please do not expect staff to be able to solve these issues.

Individual Game Modes

Please see the other sections for more specific rules on each different type of world.

Punishment Guidelines

These are some different types of punishments and what you can do about them:

  • WARNINGS: These carry over a span of seven days, once four are hit, the user is auto-banned for an hour.
  • KICK: Kicks you from the server. Can immediately rejoin.
  • TEMPBAN: 24 hours - 7 days or up to staff decision.
  • MUTE: Anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours or more. This is usually due to chat rule violations and is up to the staff member to decide how long it lasts.
  • PERMABAN: Indefinite. If you feel like you were unfairly permabanned please appeal on the forums HOWEVER if your punishment lasts less than 24 hours please just serve the time.