# Slimefun Rules Please follow Survival Rules for Slimefun. There are unique aspects to this game and we will be updating this section as soon as possible.
PVP is enable in the nether and in /resource. Please be careful as items WILL drop.
Players are known to CAMP out the main spawn for /resource. Please use /rtp to teleport away rather than walking out of spawn. Spawn IS a safe zone but if you get tagged you will enter COMBAT mode - you will not be able to teleport, get back into the safe zone or a number of other things.

Basic Machines

Slimefun basic machines need to be built IN the minecraft world ( not on a crafting table ). The most basic is the Enchanced Crafting Table which is built with a dispenser placed in the world and then shift placing a crafting table on top of it. The items that are used in recipes for this machine are placed in the dispenser, then you click the craft table and the items will change in the dispenser. /res tp machines4all is a good example on how to set up various machines.

Note about Afking

Many machines/automatic farms can run on their own and may do so as you are actively running around your base. Please do not Afk at automatic machines for longer than 30 minutes. Afking there will lead to warning, tempbans and then permaban. If you plan to be afk for more than a few minutes you can always tp to somewhere safe like /spawn or /res tp rocko.daycare to avoid this situation.

Slimefun Unique Commands

  • /sf : Slimefun guide