Owners, Admins, Moderators, Helpers, Architects, Manager and Trusted: below is a list of who can do what.


Our Trusted players are members of the community that have proven to be outstanding citizens. These hand picked citizens are trusted with chat moderation when no other staff is online to enforce our chat rules. These players do not have the ability to fix grief but are usually well versed in our game. Please feel free to ask them questions if there are no Helpers online.
Skill Set: Moderates chat when staff are not online, good knowledge of our server, outstanding members of our society.


Our AMAZING Helpers are here to help! Need some grief fixed? Have a question about commands? Helpers can help! Helpers are also our chat moderators. If a Helper asks you to stop spamming etc please listen otherwise they will follow through with the correct reprimand/punishment. Helper is our first official level of staff and handle MOST issues. Please contact a Helper before seeking an admin or the owner.
Skill Set: Chat moderators, fixes common problems, answers questions, loves to help out.


Have a problem? Need to report a bug/glitch or issue? Please see the Manager. Our Manager works hard to put together weekly staff meetings and keep everyone in the loop on what’s going on and when. The Manager can help direct you to the right member of staff to solve your issue.
Skill Set: Paperwork, takes notes, gathers data, Public Relations, Human Relations, secretary.


Here to build our beautiful world. These are the hardworking people that make the lobby, spawn, events and other areas we see on a regular basis. They often go un-thanked for their hard work and put in long hours. Our team is very close and works well together. Please feel free to contact them if there is no other staff online but understand they are likely working very hard on project with strict deadlines.
Skill Set: Builds all sorts of things, creative, hardworking, works closely with other Architects.

Moderators and Admins

Our Moderators and Admins work closely together to tackle the bigger issues when they arise. Moderators are often players that have been Helpers for a long time and are trusted with the responsibility of bigger jobs. Our Moderators are often on call and pop in and out of game when needed. If you feel you need a Mod or Admin please talk to a Helper before hand. Admins are the only ones besides the Owners that can remove/change/alter a residence. If you need help with this particular issue and have asked a Helper please go on our discord and report the issue under “support”.
Skill Set: Always watching, able to come to the rescue, fixes larger issues/problems, amazing people.


Our wonderful Owners have been supporting our daily Dogecraft lives from behind the scenes since the beginning. Often you will see one or the other in game but please be aware they are usually working on the foundation of our world. Please seek a Helper before trying to get the Owners attention. Some issues can ONLY be solved by the Owners but most things can be handled by our other Staff.
SKill Set: Able to spawn in items, can make massive changes to the game, often very busy.

Want to join our team?

Wonderful! We would LOVE to have you! There are some conditions, we only accept applications on our website. Please fill out our forum exactly as asked and take it seriously. We are a team but these are basically jobs and should be treated as such. We ask that you be an active member of our community for at least two weeks. This helps you know us and we can get to know you. The more helpful you are in the community the better. HOWEVER, if staff is handling an issue PLEASE let staff handle the issue. “Mini-modding” is not in the rulebook as of yet but please don’t make us put it in there. Let staff handle issues, you can be helpful by answering questions or by helping guide new players around. We also ask you to be at least 16 years of age. While we do make exceptions this is our current policy. We do get a large number of applications and only have so many spots available. Please apply again later if you don’t get staff the first try.

Team Power!

Our team each have their own unique set of abilities, we use these all together to make Dogecraft the best it can be. Helper to Owner every member of our staff is important. Please treat all staff with equal respect. If you disrespect our staff or do not cooperate, staff will have to escalate the situation. Staff is here to help, please do not take matters into your hands when it comes to grief etc. While our team is separated into ranks and groups we are all on the same page. We have weekly meetings and several conversations between them to keep up to date on Doge. While individuals may handle situations differently we are all on the same page about the rules and guidelines.

Meet the Current Team

Below is a listing of our current staff team
Owners: Niko302, pustinek
Admins: Flioghty, Emelina
Mods: joaco1258, Rocko49139
Lead Architect: BjoernBrandbog
Architects: encro_, VForViking, skreelookabee
Helpers: Patchwork_, OriginKnightWolf
Manager: LadyAnime
Trusted Players: While we love our trusted players and think of them as part of our team and family we will not be listing them here. Many of them help out when they can but otherwise like to live a quiet minecraft life. If you need help please contact the staff listed above. =)